Indoor Vertical Garden

Happy New Year guys!

Yes it’s been a while since my last blog but I’m back and full of new things to make for the new year.

I’ve been working on something for a while which is an indoor vertical garden which was quite easy to do.

Firstly what you need is to go to a local nursery and ask for a few plant transporting trays. They cost next to nothing, I paid $5 for 3.

Put all 3 together and measure the border sizes for your wooden frame.

Now also makes sure to measure the thickness if your trays and allow for extra space for the pot plants to fit through.

Treated pine is available at your local Bunnings and for 2 pieces of timber 1800 x 140 only cost me $16. Makes sure to get some screws and brackets to hold the corners together.

Now screw on the inside of your tray to the timber frame. Once that’s done your frame is complete.

Now for your plants. You can get ur fake plants from ikea. Roughly the cost between $3 and $6. Either make a pattern with your plants or just make it simple and put them in rows.

Now to hold them in make sure to use industrial tape (yes it sounds bad but it’s behind the plants so no one will see it lol). Tape it up enough so it’s secure and your done, it’s that easy!

Screw fix this to your wall once finished and you have a great looking life like indoor vertical garden.

Dave’s price: $100












Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope your having a great time with family and friends. Remember to be kind to one another and I hope you all got what you wanted this year!

Davesatightarse will be back in full swing very soon so look for some new exciting posts to come!


Budget Terrarium

Hi guys! Yes it’s been a while since my last post but no worries I am back in full swing.

Today I’m showing you how to make your own budget terrarium. It’s really quite simple.

These things are great to liven up a space in the bedroom, study or living room and they are very easy to maintain. Don’t pay $50 + for one at David Jones or some expensive nursery, do it the tightarse way and make it yourself.

Firstly you need a couple of glass ornament Christmas globes. I’ve used these on a previous project if you remember which was the floating tree with tea light candles and they are great!

The best place to find these are at your local $2 store. So cheap!!

Next you need the succulents to place inside. Now to find these you can go to your local nursery and pay $7 or you can do what I did and rip a couple out from your neighbours front garden (it was over grown and I was doing them a favour anyways so no judgement, you get what you pay for on is blog… Which is free lol)

Anyway succulents are low maintenance and don’t require much water. But make sure to by succulent soil as this will help them recover when planted (especially if you did what I did and ripped them from the ground)

Next buy some 3m hooks from Bunnings which as like $4 and get some string which you could also buy from Bunnings or you can do what I did and take a crap load of it for free from ikea.

Position them where you want in your room and your done!

David Jones price: $50

Dave’s price: $7







Budget Bonsai

Hi guys! By now you’ve realised on this site that I love to make things at a low budget and one thing I know that are expensive are Japanese Bonsai trees.

Most Bonsai’s that are established will cost you over a $100! Screw that! I decided to make one myself and if you have the patience you can can create one from scratch that you will nurture and shape over time the way you like it.

Here’s what I did:

Places like Masters have their own little Japanese garden section but if you do your research on what tree you want to grow then you should have no problem finding it in one of their stores.

I chose to grow a Juniper, just a personal preference for me but another great tree to grow is an Elk.

You can find these baby plants for a low price of $6. You then need a tray for your plant, I happened to have found mine on clearance and it was a traditional style Japanese rectangular pot for only $3!

Position the tree how you want in your pot, plant it with top grade soil and some mushroom compost for moisture.

I added in a smooth pebble for decoration, you can usually just find these in someones garden. You can choose to just have the tree if you wish.

Next your going to want to use small pebbles or sand to cover over the soil for that decorative look.
I chose to use decorative sand which you can find at your local Bunnings for $4 a bag. (And yes this time I paid for sand rather than taking it from the beach like my last projects as it is apparently illegal, now you tell me)

And there you have it, your very own Bonsai that you can grow from scratch, which in my opinion is a lot more satisfying when you do it yourself.

Bonsai store: $100 – $150

Dave’s price: $13





Budget Vertical Garden

Here’s a quick way to brighten up your kitchen with a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens are all the rage right now and they cost a fortune!

Why pay $100 + to create one when you can do it the tightarse way and do it for less than $10.

A shop I recently discovered was DAISO which is a store from Japan that sells everything for $2.80. Yes everything for $2.80! (in case you didn’t read my last comment correctly)

They sell these plain plastic pots that allow you to hang on a fence etc.

I had a space spare on the side of my pantry that looked boring so I spiced it up by hanging two of these items on it.

All you use is some 3M strips (the Velcro strips are the strongest), properly position where I want them and stick them up.

It’s that simple. You can put herbs, vines or whatever indoor plants you want thus brightening up your kitchen or living space with a little bit of green.


Stay tuned for some more decorative indoor plant ideas.





Budget bed frame

My best friend is a genius when it comes to building things so he was kind enough to share this bed he made on my blog. This is a great way to save money on a bed frame. Enjoy guys!

Building an epic bed

They say you spend around a third of your life in bed. I’d argue I’m closer to half.. so when it was time to buy a new bed I felt it was really important to get the right one.

Until recently, all our furniture at home has been IKEA stuff. I like their furniture but it’s so unforgiving. One knock or scratch and you’re done. Plus the faux timber finish is never as nice as the real thing.

I came to the decision that any new furniture I brought into the house would be really nice solid timber furniture, with the intention of turning over all the IKEA gear eventually.

So I went to the shops to check out our options and found a bed I loved.. and then saw the price! Turns out beautiful solid timber furniture is expensive. Very expensive.

As our tight-arse overlord Dave would say “I love nice things but I’m not f***ing paying that much for it!”

Plus I don’t sleep well and wanted to put more money into the mattress than the bed.

What to do, what to do? Forget it, I’ll do a Dave and steal the design.

Here’s the photo of the bed I wanted.






I copied the design from the photo and based the dimension on the expensive mattress we bought (which I eventually worked out I couldn’t build myself and should be left to the pros)

I designed the joins and slat layout myself, as the bed had joining hardware that I couldn’t buy retail. And I added a layer of material over the slats that protected the mattress from splinters during a turn or move.

It was funny because I originally had concerns that my version would be a rickety cheap version of the bed I saw in the shops. I could see every little detail that I’d missed, got slightly off angle, not sanded enough etc.. but a couple of days after I finished the build I was nearby the original shop we’d been to and I so I dropped past to have a final look at their version. The funny thing was that their version was actually the rickety cheap one.

After building my own and knowing the challenge of getting the mitre joints right, and having to sand and re-coat, sand and re-coat, I could see that this bed that seemed perfect on first look, actually had similar imperfections, but no one had taken the time to go over and correct them. There was overspray, the back wasn’t lacquered, the gaps in the joins were uneven and the hardware that connected the head frame to the rest of it wasn’t nearly as sturdy as the 6 coach bolts I’d used to join my head frame.

So I guess you could say I slept easy after that, knowing the bed I’d build was a third of the price and three times better.

Store price: $1500. Pat price: $474

A special thanks to Mum and Dad for lending me their garage for a few weeks.

Budget Vase

Hi guys!

Here’s a cheap idea for reusing your old pasta sauce jars.

Rather than spending money on some pots how bout reusing old jam and pasta sauce jars. They make a great provincial style look along with having that funky cafe style.

Make sure to use plants like vines and succulents as they love water and can sustain being in the jars without having to be drained.

Try it out!