Home-made Solar Sun Jars

Here is an idea on how to make your own sun jars. Courtesy of Maria Blampied! She was nice enough to share here cool design on my website and its definitely worth making.

You can buy a sun jar for $30 or more in the shops or online. I’ve seen them as high as $60 online not including shipping.

You can use the small $2 “essentials” solar garden lights which are sold separately from target, buy $2 jars with flip lids from the reject shop and Ikea. Lids need to be big enough to fit the solar light underneath.

Can of frosting paint cost about $10 from bunnings but can be used to frost 4 or 5 jars. Best to frost the outside instead of inside as it dries better, looks prettier and is more even. Frost 2-3 coats. But don’t frost the lid bc it needs to remain clear for the solar panel to work effectively! Take apart the solar lights from the stake. You can screw off the panel, battery and wires from the aluminum housing but keeping it is also fine if it fits to the lid.

Gaffer taped the solar panel and guts to the inside of the lid or you can super glue it if you prefer, either way is fine as long as the glue doesnt touch the panel. Wipe any paint residue from the top of the lid just to be sure and keep it in the sun indoors on a window sill.

You’ve got yourself a snazzy sun jar on the cheap and easy! Makes a great gift and a nice decorative element to the backyard.




Merry Xmas

Just a quick message to everyone to have a safe and Merry Xmas and always be careful when attempting DIY’s.

Enjoy the holiday season and I will be back with more ideas in the new year so stay tuned


Tightarse Xmas Tree

Being it nearly Xmas I thought I’d do a small post on how to save money on a tree. Xmas trees can be expensive costing you up to $150, but if your on a budget there’s a simpler solution.

All you need is a vase ($5 from ikea)
Some sticks (which you can find off a nearby tree)
And some cheap decorations (you can get a pack of 24 ornaments from ikea or any $2 store for around $2.50)

And there you have it, your inexpensive tightarse Xmas tree that can still look festive on your dining table or even coffee table


Home-made Mini Lantern

65077_10151199961908063_446023172_n 430810_10151199961948063_2137063676_n

My home made mini lanterns for my back porch are complete. Retail price at $65 each I manage to make 2 for the price of $29.

Lantern cans $2 each (which you can find from Masters, just take the can from the bamboo sticks, you can re-use the bamboo for your local plants)

Ceramic pot $9 each & black rocks $7.

Time to complete only 15mins.

Add some citronella to the cans at a low cost of $5 for 500ml