Home made Blackboard

Here’s a great idea on how to make your own blackboard. Sent by Maria Blampied
Buy a round edged piece of wood board and two letters from spotlight but you can buy any style shape of board or can use stars etc instead of letters.

Get some gold paint for the letters from spotlight for less that $5 and blackboard paint from riot art for about $16. Chalk and duster from any $2 shop.

Do two coats of blackboard paint on the board, with two hours drying time for each coat. Same deal for painting the letters. Use a low heat craft glue gun to stick the letters on, you can buy that from any craft store. There’s still practically the whole bottle of blackboard paint left, it goes a long way. Also have a bit of fun with jars that you can buy for $2 from ikea/cheap shops.

Use tape to line around where u want the blackboard label to be and when the drying time is over take the tape off carefully.

Very fun and they make great gifts!




Light up LED tree

I was in Sydney over the holidays and I discovered a Japanese themed store and I was intrigued over these cherry blossom trees that light up that they had in the store and they were selling them for roughly $150.

So I gave myself the challenge to make a cheaper one.

All you need is a branch off a tree (something not too flimsy) I used one from my front yard.

Can of white spray paint from Bunnings at $6. I like to get a white satin finish. You don’t need to spray paint it but it looks a lot nicer in my option. Spray paint 2 coats evenly and let dry for 20mins before a second coat.

You need a small narrow vase, I used one from ikea which was 0.99 cents (see image below)

Lastly you need some led light that are battery operated. The best time to buy Xmas lights is after Xmas when they are on clearance. I chose ones from ikea that were discounted to $2. (See image below)

Lightly place the lights over the branches while trying not to break them. If your having trouble with the vase staying up then use some blu tack.

And there you have it, your own Japanese style led blossom.

Japanese store price: $150

Dave’s price: $12