Budget Vase

Hi guys!

Here’s a cheap idea for reusing your old pasta sauce jars.

Rather than spending money on some pots how bout reusing old jam and pasta sauce jars. They make a great provincial style look along with having that funky cafe style.

Make sure to use plants like vines and succulents as they love water and can sustain being in the jars without having to be drained.

Try it out!






Cook Book Holder

Hi guys! Here’s a quick idea on how to help you in the kitchen whilst cooking.

When using a cookbook the the frustrating part is that it usually takes up most of the space on the counter so why not do this simple trick that will free up some space and keep your cookbooks clean.

Simple solution? Do it the tight arse way and use a pants coat hanger. Just hook it on to your kitchen cupboard and there you have it, you freed up some space to help cook your delicious meal and you saved $20 from buying a cookbook holder.