Budget Bonsai

Hi guys! By now you’ve realised on this site that I love to make things at a low budget and one thing I know that are expensive are Japanese Bonsai trees.

Most Bonsai’s that are established will cost you over a $100! Screw that! I decided to make one myself and if you have the patience you can can create one from scratch that you will nurture and shape over time the way you like it.

Here’s what I did:

Places like Masters have their own little Japanese garden section but if you do your research on what tree you want to grow then you should have no problem finding it in one of their stores.

I chose to grow a Juniper, just a personal preference for me but another great tree to grow is an Elk.

You can find these baby plants for a low price of $6. You then need a tray for your plant, I happened to have found mine on clearance and it was a traditional style Japanese rectangular pot for only $3!

Position the tree how you want in your pot, plant it with top grade soil and some mushroom compost for moisture.

I added in a smooth pebble for decoration, you can usually just find these in someones garden. You can choose to just have the tree if you wish.

Next your going to want to use small pebbles or sand to cover over the soil for that decorative look.
I chose to use decorative sand which you can find at your local Bunnings for $4 a bag. (And yes this time I paid for sand rather than taking it from the beach like my last projects as it is apparently illegal, now you tell me)

And there you have it, your very own Bonsai that you can grow from scratch, which in my opinion is a lot more satisfying when you do it yourself.

Bonsai store: $100 – $150

Dave’s price: $13






Budget Vertical Garden

Here’s a quick way to brighten up your kitchen with a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens are all the rage right now and they cost a fortune!

Why pay $100 + to create one when you can do it the tightarse way and do it for less than $10.

A shop I recently discovered was DAISO which is a store from Japan that sells everything for $2.80. Yes everything for $2.80! (in case you didn’t read my last comment correctly)

They sell these plain plastic pots that allow you to hang on a fence etc.

I had a space spare on the side of my pantry that looked boring so I spiced it up by hanging two of these items on it.

All you use is some 3M strips (the Velcro strips are the strongest), properly position where I want them and stick them up.

It’s that simple. You can put herbs, vines or whatever indoor plants you want thus brightening up your kitchen or living space with a little bit of green.


Stay tuned for some more decorative indoor plant ideas.