Budget Vertical Garden

Here’s a quick way to brighten up your kitchen with a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens are all the rage right now and they cost a fortune!

Why pay $100 + to create one when you can do it the tightarse way and do it for less than $10.

A shop I recently discovered was DAISO which is a store from Japan that sells everything for $2.80. Yes everything for $2.80! (in case you didn’t read my last comment correctly)

They sell these plain plastic pots that allow you to hang on a fence etc.

I had a space spare on the side of my pantry that looked boring so I spiced it up by hanging two of these items on it.

All you use is some 3M strips (the Velcro strips are the strongest), properly position where I want them and stick them up.

It’s that simple. You can put herbs, vines or whatever indoor plants you want thus brightening up your kitchen or living space with a little bit of green.


Stay tuned for some more decorative indoor plant ideas.






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