Indoor Vertical Garden

Happy New Year guys!

Yes it’s been a while since my last blog but I’m back and full of new things to make for the new year.

I’ve been working on something for a while which is an indoor vertical garden which was quite easy to do.

Firstly what you need is to go to a local nursery and ask for a few plant transporting trays. They cost next to nothing, I paid $5 for 3.

Put all 3 together and measure the border sizes for your wooden frame.

Now also makes sure to measure the thickness if your trays and allow for extra space for the pot plants to fit through.

Treated pine is available at your local Bunnings and for 2 pieces of timber 1800 x 140 only cost me $16. Makes sure to get some screws and brackets to hold the corners together.

Now screw on the inside of your tray to the timber frame. Once that’s done your frame is complete.

Now for your plants. You can get ur fake plants from ikea. Roughly the cost between $3 and $6. Either make a pattern with your plants or just make it simple and put them in rows.

Now to hold them in make sure to use industrial tape (yes it sounds bad but it’s behind the plants so no one will see it lol). Tape it up enough so it’s secure and your done, it’s that easy!

Screw fix this to your wall once finished and you have a great looking life like indoor vertical garden.

Dave’s price: $100












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